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August 14, 2019



The position of vehicle maintenance supervisor requires a high degree of technical skill level encompassing all vehicle systems and other systems specific to our type of fleet i.e. wheelchair lifts. The demands on this position will always be heavy and requires a person who can work quickly with minimal supervision, be flexible in meeting changing demands, understand the cost saving measures which must be maintained, be willing to accept non-vehicle repair/maintenance (facility) requests, and maintain a clean, well organized and safe working environment.

It is expected that the following duties and responsibilities be carried out in a safe and efficient manner at all times. It is vital that this work be closely coordinated with operational vehicle and contractual needs, driver availability, scheduling demands, and other company needs.

Primary Duties

•Perform needed repairs and maintenance on company vehicles, as the job requires.

•Utilize all cost saving methods to properly complete the work without sacrificing safety or thoroughness. Meeting established company standards is the minimum expectation.

•Perform all repairs within the limits of ability and equipment resources, minimizing the need to use outside repair vendors.

•Maintain a neat and organized work area with an emphasis on safety

•Provide technical advice to management on repairs, equipment needs, vehicle modifications, specification or enhancements etc.

•Ensures all River Bend Transit vehicles are maintained according to established company and regulatory agency safety and preventative maintenance standards.

•Provides job assignments and technical support and assistance for garage personnel.

•Schedules all repair and maintenance work. Keeps the Executive Director current on work progress. Prioritizes work orders based on job time requirements, parts availability and sequencing efficiencies. Priority of all work orders is based on coordination of vehicle utilization, contract requirements and other factors.

•Provides technical advice on outside repair estimates and sources to purchase services.

•Maintains vehicle maintenance files to ensure accurate and timely records are filed appropriately.

•Is primary vendor contact for all garage and parts related purchases. Recommends purchases of non-routine items to the Executive Director.

•Supervises the activities of the maintenance technician/mechanic - including organizing and assigning workflow, training, motivating, counseling, disciplining and directing and evaluating the work/performance of maintenance technician.

Specific Duties

•Keeps all personal and company tools and equipment in good working order.

•Operates all tools and equipment in a safe manner using all necessary safety precautions

•Maintains the organization and cleanliness of the storeroom.

•Maintains reasonable and appropriate vehicle parts supplies to meet anticipated demands.

•Maintains relationships with vendors for the purpose of ordering needed parts and supplies and negotiating prices/quantity purchases. Management oversight will periodically review inventory levels and pricing.

•Ensures shelving storage areas are labeled and organized and that stock is rotated.

•Ensures bulk products are inventoried. Recommends purchase quantity.

•Discards unnecessary surplus parts and equipment and properly stores spare parts.

•Ensures garage generated trash, boxes, etc. are emptied.

•Coordinates vehicle sequencing to maximize vehicle flow and productivity.

•Completes work orders noting labor time, parts list and costs, warrantee information etc. and submits for data entry.

•Verifies parts/supplies delivery receipts for accuracy and price and forwards for accounting processing as soon as possible.

•Ensures all working areas are swept and kept free from debris and refuse.

•Attends periodic training workshops as requested.

•Keeps all maintenance equipment in a clean and well-maintained condition. Recommends servicing of equipment if required.

Secondary Responsibilities

•Provides technical assistance and repair/maintenance work for non-vehicle facility needs as requested by the Executive Director.

•Provides snow removal assistance as requested.

•Assists with road calls as requested. May be able to troubleshoot/correct the problem via radio or telephone.

•Assumes a working knowledge of the CFA software to enter data, generate required reports and evaluate vehicle maintenance histories.

•Assist with generation/review of specifications for new vehicle purchases

•Assists with the screening and interviewing of vehicle maintenance technician applicants.

Essential Job Requirements

Must have own tools which include safe and well maintained:

Automotive hand tools

Pneumatic tools

Electric tools

Must obtain and maintain a Braun technician certification

Must obtain a Class C, CDL with Passenger Endorsement within 30 days of hire. We will train you for this license. Must maintain this licensing during the term of employment.

Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds repeatedly. Example: Removing and mounting tires on rims.

Compensation: $24-28 per hour

Position Available: August 14, 2019

Position Type: Full Time

Posted In: Maintenance / Repair, Transportation / Logistics

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