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February 13, 2020

Retail Counter / Entry Level Technician

Retail Counter / Entry Level Technician

Retail Counter / Entry Level Technician

We are a local company founded in 1987 with the understanding that meeting our client's needs is more important than quotas. We realized that many small businesses would benefit from new technology but couldn’t necessarily afford a full-time computer staff, so we think of ourselves as our client's computer department.

We are seeking an individual able to multi-task and self-manage. Must have reliability and a strong work ethic.

Technical Duties:

1.Perform a variety of technical tasks consisting of:

1.1.Installations of new workstations, notebooks, tablets, printers, scanners, and anything else our client needs to operate their businesses in an efficient, productive manner.

1.1.1.Building custom PC’s for specific applications.

1.2.Diagnose non-working systems to provide:

1.2.1.Repair of defective products.

1.2.2.Replace defective non-working equipment and software.

1.3.Maintenance of systems:

1.3.1.Maintain computers such as tablets, workstations, and servers.

1.3.2.Maintain networks, both hardware and software related.

1.3.3.Maintain operating systems.

1.3.4.Maintain printers, other related hardware, and software.

1.4.Provide information and technical assistance for upgrades:

1.4.1.Assist clients concerning the development and maintenance of the computer network or for resolution of specific problems.

1.4.2.Recommend improvements to operating procedures; write and maintain procedure manuals. Assist in the development of long-range planning for new projects and computer hardware needs.

1.5.Maintain accurate and current repair, installation, and removal of equipment records; provide appropriate logging and tracking of hardware malfunctions. Provide accurate and timely billing for clients through our ticket tracking system.

Accounting / Counter Duties:

1.Answer telephones as needed.

1.1.While we have a voice mail system, we have found that answering the phones with a human provides a feeling of better customer service. You will need to help answer these calls and direct the calls to the appropriate person or assist the customer yourself if possible.

1.2.You must create work orders for clients that need consulting or service.


2.1.You will provide billing for our clients, and this will include the creation of invoices to be emailed and mailed to clients.

2.1.1.You will perform a daily review of the invoices created. We need to ensure that we have a copy of each invoice.

2.1.2.Also, each invoice needs checking for the proper sales taxes and freight charges.

2.1.3.Create and get signed new client setup forms with the correct paperwork for terms and or credit card purchases.

3.Inventory control. One of the main areas of concern with this position is the control of our inventory. We currently stock on the average about $150,000.00 in inventory. Goals here:

3.1.Provide controls for getting products to customers and tracking what is delivered.

3.2.Develop service kits that can be used by the technicians for service calls on-site.

3.3.RMA Return Merchandise Authorizations. You will be responsible for getting the defective product returned and replaced or having a credit issued.

3.4.You will also be responsible for keeping certain products in stock for better customer service. You will also assist the other employees to get products ordered for the systems that we sell.

We are offering a fulltime position with the following benefits:

1.Competitive pay.

2.Benefits that include:

2.1.Medical Insurance.

2.2.Employer Contributed Health Savings Accounts.

2.3.Dental Insurance.

2.4.Vision Insurance.

2.5.Employer Contributed Retirement Plan.

2.6.Paid Vacation.

2.7.Paid Holidays.

2.8.Reimbursement for home Internet.

2.9.Reimbursement for mobile phone usage.

2.10.Employee Discount Program.

We offer a fast-paced but comfortable work environment with a team of technicians and consults among the best in the Midwest.

For the right individual future ownership opportunities exist.

If you are interested and feel you possess the above skills, please apply at our website.

Compensation: $17.00 per hour

Position Available: February 13, 2020

Position Type: Full Time

Posted In: Customer Service / Support, IT / Computers

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